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ADA 30 Moving Forward - Celebrating 30 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


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ADA 30: Moving Forward July Webinar Series Schedule

Date Time Seminar Description
07/07/20 10 a.m.

Curb Ramps, Sidewalks, Oh My! Navigating the public rights of way in Texas

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This session will discuss the efforts of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to investigate the current state of pedestrian facilities in the public right of way to determine the level of accessibility and to propose remediation required by the ADA Transition Plan.
07/08/20 2 p.m.

The ADA at 30 - Disability Rights and the Digital Future: A conversation with Sharron Rush and Lainey Feingold

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As digital resources become more critical to participation in the modern world of remote working, learning, civic engagement and socializing, this session addresses how the future will adapt to technology and inclusion.
07/14/20 10 a.m.

Knowing Your Rights: How to Effectively File an ADA Complaint

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Experts will discuss the complaint process in four areas: ADA Title I, Employment; ADA Title II, Public Entities; ADA Title III, Public Accommodations; and Programs serving Texans through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Panelists will also answer questions from participants.
07/15/20 2 p.m.

Disclosing Disability: When, Why and How?

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Deciding whether to disclose your disability can be a nerve-wracking decision. Some people choose to disclose because they will need accommodations for an interview or to train for the job. Others choose not to out of fear an interview may never be offered or that their disability will become the focus of the interview. This session will focus on the factors to consider when deciding whether to disclose your disability to a potential employer.
07/22/20 10 a.m.

Don't Lose Your Federal Funding: Helping State and Local Governments Develop and Update their ADA Transition Plans

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Do you have a complete and comprehensive ADA Transition Plan? Register to learn what you need to know to ensure your agency is protected before you are denied federal funding and other best practices.
07/22/20 2 p.m.

Reducing Risk While Building Market Share: Your Company’s Approach to the ADA

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Learn what approaches are needed in order for your business to be in compliance and how to include this added value into your marketing strategy.
07/23/20 2 p.m.

Outside for Everyone – Adaptive Recreation

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Texas Parks and Wildlife will be highlighting adaptive outdoor recreation opportunities while Lonestar Paralysis Foundation and the City of Austin will share the unlimited indoor and outdoor sports opportunities that exists for people with disabilities.
07/24/20 10 a.m.

ADA 30th Moving Forward

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July marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)! 21 agencies and organizations from across the State are celebrating with a series of virtual workshops throughout the month, culminating in a big, Texas-style celebration.
07/29/20 10 a.m.

Creating Opportunities Through Accessible Transportation

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Mobility challenges remain a major obstacle for individuals with disabilities. For many, limited transportation options create barriers to economic and social opportunities. Through an increased focus on innovation and harnessing technology, the mobility and transportation industry is able to create new pathways of opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Register to participate in this insightful interactive virtual workshop session.