Submit request for Federal Safe Harbor with the following attachments. Note: Request applies only to Texas firms seeking first-time approval.

  1. Completed AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) (fillable PDF, 2016)
  2. Summary history of the firm
  3. Copy of firm's prior and current fiscal year Trial Balance
  4. Copy of detailed general ledger, if any
  5. Copy of firm’s prior and current Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  6. Organization chart/Corporation organizational chart
  7. Copy of organizational documents filed with the Texas Secretary of State
  8. Letter of good standing from the Texas Comptroller
  9. Financial audited reports, if any

State-funded Contracts Only


All Administrative Qualification (AQ) packets must be submitted via email; we are no longer accepting mailed AQ packets. Please submit safe harbor request with all attachments.

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Revised: December 2018