2022 ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan
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2022 ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan

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What is a self-evaluation and transition plan?

Title II of the ADA and Section 504 requires us, as part of a self-evaluation, to assess our services, policies, and practices to modify any that discriminate against people with disabilities. It also requires that we develop a transition plan to identify physical changes to facilities necessary to achieve “program access.” We focus on program access to ensure that pedestrian and other facilities available to the public comply with state and federal accessibility standards.

Why is the ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan being updated?

We originally developed our ADA Transition Plan in 2004. Industry best practices require public agencies to update their ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plans to reflect the changing environment and infrastructure over time. This important process ensures that agencies can identify and remove barriers to their programs, policies, and activities, which include physical assets, services, and vehicles of communication.

Read the FAQ.

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Public outreach

Our public outreach sessions were held March 7th through March 9th to ensure that members of the community living with disabilities have an opportunity to be informed about our process and provide feedback. We take into consideration the critical information received from public feedback as our divisions and districts begin to organize information for implementation planning.


For more information about the updated ADA Transition Plan and Self Evaluation, reach out to any of our district contacts or contact the Civil Rights Division:

Texas Department of Transportation
125 E. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701-2483
ATTN: CIV – ADA Transition Plan