US 59 -Wharton
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US 59 -Wharton

Project history

US 59 in Wharton County serves as a route for local traffic within the county and also serves motorists traveling statewide along US 59. For the past few years, TxDOT has been using the recommendations of the I-69 Citizen Committees to continue developing I-69 in Texas. The future I-69 Texas route includes US 59 through Wharton County.

Project need

As traffic increases on US 59 in Wharton County, the need for an interstate-quality road becomes more important. An interstate-quality road would include frontage roads and would also control access to the high-speed main travel lanes using the entrance and exit ramps. An interstate-quality road would better accommodate growing traffic volumes and also enhance safety along US 59.

Project development

TxDOT has completed an environmental study, called an Environmental Assessment, or EA. The EA includes citizen comments and participation and will ultimately provide a road map for improving US 59 to interstate standards.

Currently, there is funding for construction on US 59 from Fort Bend county line to State Highway 60. The tentative let date for this project is January 2020. Estimated construction cost is $208,000,000.

The proposed project includes

Main lanes

  • Four 12-foot travel lanes (two in each direction)
  • 12-foot shoulders on the inside and outside of the main lanes

Frontage Roads

  • Four 12-foot travel lanes (two in each direction)
  • Four-foot inside shoulders and ten-foot outside shoulders


Get involved

Open Houses were held May 6 and May 8, 2014, and provided citizens an opportunity to talk with the project team. On Feb. 9, 2017, a Public Hearing was held to give an opportunity for the public to formally get involved, make public comments, and give input on project design and environmental findings. To request more information or a presentation for your group, please call 361-293-4347.