FM 2493 - Loop 323 to FM 2813
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FM 2493 - Loop 323 to FM 2813

Project overview

FM 2493, commonly known as Old Jacksonville Highway, is in the southern portion of the city of Tyler. It is a major north-south corridor and serves as a parallel roadway to South Broadway Avenue, one of the most congested roadways in the state. The proposed project extends from SL 323 south to FM 2813 in the community of Gresham. Its total length is 5.5 miles.

In 2019, approximately 32,000 vehicles per day (VPD) travelled along Old Jacksonville Highway. Traffic projections show this volume increases to 53,000 VPD by year 2045, resulting in a 65 percent increase in vehicles along the corridor. FM 2493 is unable to efficiently accommodate its current or future traffic volumes, resulting in widespread congestion and reduced mobility. Safety concerns will also increase with the higher volume of turning movements at driveways and cross streets. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve mobility and safety along the corridor through additional travel lanes, upgraded intersections and raised medians.

TxDOT’s preliminary plans for FM 2493 include:

  • Widening from four lanes with a continuous turn lane to six lanes with a raised median
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations along the corridor
  • Intersection improvements at Grande Boulevard

The project will require additional ROW. The exact amount and location are dependent on the ultimate design, which is not final until a preferred alternative is identified, and the project receives environmental clearance. TxDOT will use the abandoned railroad corridor to the fullest extent possible to minimize ROW acquisitions.

Anticipated project schedule

Current financial forecasts show roadway construction funds would be available in 2026. The project’s total cost estimate is dependent on the ultimate design, which is not final until a preferred alternative is identified, and the project receives environmental clearance.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2026. TxDOT may accelerate the project by one or two years if construction funding becomes available earlier. The duration of construction is unknown until a final design is selected and a detailed construction schedule can be developed.

Get involved

Your participation is a key part of the project’s development. Public involvement opportunities will be provided throughout this process and you are encouraged to get involved.

TxDOT hosted the project’s first public meeting on Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Several design alternatives were presented for public consideration and comment.

The second public meeting was a virtual public meeting with an in-person option, and was held on Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021. The preferred design was presented for public consideration and comment during this time.

Next steps include:

  • Public Hearing – Fall 2023
  • Environmental Clearance – Winter 2023
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition - 2024 (tentatively)