Houston-Beaumont Freight Rail Study
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Houston-Beaumont Freight Rail Study

Suggestions and concerns about rail-highway crossings in the Houston or Beaumont areas? Your feedback is needed!

TxDOT is compiling data on congested railroad crossings and we need your opinions and experiences at these locations.

Email the project team.

You can also visit the Federal Railroad Administration Safety Map to get data about a crossing. Zoom in or search for a city, click on a crossing point, and use the pop-up menu to find the data reports called "INV_LINK" and "ACC_LINK."

Purpose of the Houston-Beaumont freight rail study

To conduct a comprehensive analysis of the freight rail network in the Houston and Beaumont regions to identify mutually beneficial mobility improvements.


A program of projects to address freight rail mobility needs and congestion near public highway-railroad crossings.

The TxDOT Rail Division is modeling potential freight rail improvements in the Houston and Beaumont regions. The study will include concept development for expansion, operations, rail-highway improvements, and execution strategies to improve the efficiency of through-freight rail operations and road user mobility.


The project team is currently gathering data for rail traffic modeling and seeking feedback from you to help identify community priorities. The team is modeling and assessing potential rail operational improvements and designing bridge concepts to separate rail from roads at priority locations. The full report will be published in February 2021.