I-30 Hunt County West from FM 2642 to SH 34
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I-30 Hunt County West from FM 2642 to SH 34

Project overview

TxDOT's Paris District is proposing improvements to I-30, including reconstruction and widening of the four-lane freeway to six lanes, reconfiguration of access ramps, and incorporation of one-way frontage roads from FM 2642 to SH 34 in Hunt County, Texas.

Project need and purpose

Hunt County is experiencing rapid growth and the I-30 corridor is a vital part of the mobility in the area. The proposed conversion of the one-way frontage road, as well as the added capacity of the freeway within the 12.34-mile project, are needed to improve safety as well as congestion between FM 2642 and SH 34. Proposed improvements to CR 2511/CR 2646, FM 1565, FM 36, FM 1903, and FM 1570 interchanges with I-30 would also enhance connectivity.

These solutions are intended to enhance corridor safety by making improvements to decrease the likelihood of crashes and improve localized intersection and interchange safety, mobility and operations.

Based on the traffic analysis, the average annual traffic volume is anticipated to increase by around 35 percent and 50 percent in the years 2045 and 2055, respectively throughout this project alignment.


The project is currently in the schematic and environmental phase, which is one of the early stages in the project development life cycle. The purpose of this stage is to finalize a recommended alignment that improves safety and meets the need and purpose of the project. Once a recommended alternative is determined, the project team will finalize a preliminary roadway design and perform an environmental assessment of the proposed project.

Although the additional right of way would be required, no residential or non-residential structures are anticipated to be displaced now.

Construction schedule

TxDOT is committed to working with the public to minimize impacts from construction projects as much as possible. TxDOT is expected to start the construction of the project in Fall 2022.

Public involvement

TxDOT, Paris District held a public meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021.