Grayson County Tollway Study
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Grayson County Tollway Study

The Grayson County Tollway study is examining the possible extension of the Dallas North Tollway from CR 60 near the Collin County line south of Gunter to US 75 near Denison.

The proposed project would extend the proposed tollway 37 miles and provide traffic relief to US 75. Dallas-Fort Worth is projected to expand north and this project would accommodate that shift, provide an alternative for truck traffic and provide easier access to Sherman, Denison and Lake Texoma.

The proposed project will also increase regional mobility and connect the Sherman-Denison metropolitan planning area with the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

The study will identify and evaluate potential alignments for expansion and examine the potential environmental impacts.

FM 121 Gunter Relief Route

A route and feasibility study is underway for a proposed four-mile relief route. The study will identify and evaluate project development alternatives within the corridor. Alternatives include building a new alignment south of Gunter with a bridge over SH 289.

The study limits are west of SH 289 to east of SH 289 on FM 121. The study will also evaluate traffic demands and intermodal connections with other transportation facilities.

Current Study Area – Spur Road between County Road 60 and FM 121

A feasibility study evaluating alternative alignments is currently underway for a proposed TxDOT new location, two-lane, undivided state roadway from CR 60 (near the Collin/Grayson County Line), north to FM 121 (west of the city of Gunter), a distance of approximately 4.3 miles. The Grayson County Spur Road would improve transportation efficiency by connecting to the planned extension of the Dallas North Tollway to CR 60, providing connectivity to FM 121 and ultimately FM 902 in south-central Grayson County. The proposed project would be constructed as a two-lane undivided facility within a proposed right-of-way width of 130 feet. It is also expected that the proposed two-lane roadway could eventually be adopted by the GCRMA as part of a controlled access, six-lane, high-speed tollway, if warranted by transportation demand. If that occurs, the proposed Grayson County Spur Road would serve as non-tolled access lanes for the ultimate facility.

Grayson County Tollway (GCT) Route

Project information

Public meeting - 03/20/17

Public meeting - 06/21/12

Public meeting - 11/18/10