Landing Boulevard and NASA 1 Bypass
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Landing Boulevard and NASA 1 Bypass

The City of League City, in partnership with TxDOT, is proposing a 1.7-mile new location roadway that extends Landing Boulevard and NASA 1 to intersect at a roundabout as a four-lane roadway in the cities of League City and Webster.

Current conditions

Currently, Landing Blvd. terminates into a cul-de-sac just north of FM 518 and NASA 1 Bypass terminates at I-45.

Project background

The proposed project is needed because the capacity of existing major thoroughfares near the FM 518 and I-45 intersection are inadequate to meet existing and future demand, resulting in congestion and reduced mobility in this area of League City and Webster, Texas. The proposed improvements would accommodate expected traffic demand and growth in the area by providing an additional north/south route on the west side of the City of League City. League City developed a Master Mobility Plan that indicated Landing Boulevard:

  • Lacks connectivity resulting in few options for continuous travel other than on the arterials, and mobility is vulnerable to any and all disruptions on major streets
  • Future opportunities for connectivity are limited due to existing subdivision design
  • Traffic is concentrated onto a few main arteries with FM 518 considered a major east-west corridor of League City
  • FM 518 connects neighborhoods and significant retail/commercial development along the corridor with I-45 and currently exhibits the following characteristics:
    • A high density of signalized intersections, some of which operate at an unacceptable level of service during peak travel times
    • Entire roadway sections that operate over capacity
    • Traffic and intersection analysis determined that FM 518 has a higher crash rate than the statewide average, likely due to high levels of congestion

Proposed improvements

The proposed project includes:

  • Adding two 12-foot traveling lanes in each direction, increasing capacity between FM 518 and I-45
  • Installing a raised median varying from 4-16 feet in width
  • Constructing a 5-foot sidewalk on one side of roadway and a 10-foot shared-use lane on the other side
  • Elevating the roadway over Clear Creek/Newport Ditch
  • Providing a drainage channel (two crossings) via bridges
  • Connect the extensions of Landing Blvd. and NASA 1 via a roundabout

The project would require 25.1 acres of new right of way (ROW), and would potentially displace one commercial property. The project would require acquisition of public land designated as a recreational park. A total of 0.92 acre (from a utility easement) out of 50.91 acres of Myrtle Park (1.8 percent) would be acquired.

Next steps

  • Complete the public hearing and approve the summary report
  • Finalize environmental decision early 2019
  • City to begin ROW acquisition late Spring 2019
  • Scheduled to begin construction Spring 2020 (estimated)

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