FM 723 from Avenue D to FM 1093
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FM 723 from Avenue D to FM 1093

The TxDOT Houston District is proposing to widen FM 723 from Avenue D to FM 1093 from two lanes to four lanes in Fort Bend County, Texas. The project is needed to improve mobility as FM 723 between Avenue D to FM 1093 is inadequate for both existing and projected growth in the area and does not meet current design standards. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve mobility, accommodate existing and projected growth, and meet current design standards between Avenue D and FM 1093.

Current conditions

Currently, FM 723 from Avenue D to the south end of the Brazos River Bridge, the roadway consists of two 12-foot lanes, one 14-foot turn lane, and 5 to 6-foot sidewalks along the west side of the roadway. The existing right of way (ROW) for this section is typically 60 feet wide. FM 723 from north of the Brazos River Bridge to FM 1093 currently consists of two 12-foot lanes and shoulders that vary in width from 2.5-foot to 14 feet. The existing ROW for this section is typically 120-foot wide.


FM 723 serves as a major arterial within Fort Bend County, which has experienced a substantial increase in population over the past 20 years. Due to the growth in population, vehicular traffic on local roadways has increased. Currently, within the project limits, FM 723 is utilized most heavily by local residents who reside in the vicinity of the project area; however, FM 723 experiences increased traffic during peak travel times by commuters who use the roadway to access FM 1093 and US 59.

Proposed improvements

Proposed improvements to FM 723 include the following:

  • From Ave. D to the south of the Brazos River bridge:
    • Widen from two to four 11-foot lanes
    • Add 5.5-foot sidewalks on both sides
  • From north of the Brazos River bridge to FM 1093:
    • Widen from two to four 12-foot lanes
    • Add 6-foot sidewalks on both sides
    • Add 12-foot shoulders
    • Add an 18-foot raised median, with intermittent median openings and left-turn lanes
  • Brazos River bridge would not be modified

The proposed 9.23-mile project would require 100 acres of additional right of way. The proposed project would require one displacement of a utility building; however, the proposed project would not require the displacement or partial acquisition of any commercial or residential structure.

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