SH 199 at I-820 Interchange
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SH 199 at I-820 Interchange

TxDOT is conducting a study for proposed improvements on State Highway 199 from Hodgkins Road to Skyline Drive and on I-820 from Navajo Trail to Marine Creek Parkway, including the SH 199/Interstate 820 Interchange. This proposed project will improve mobility, capacity and safety. The study includes mainlane improvements, direct connect ramps to and from SH 199 and I-820, entrance and exit ramp adjustments, frontage road/cross streets and pedestrian/bicycle facilities.

The SH 199 project with limits from Hodgkins Road to Roberts Cutoff Road and I-820 from Navajo Trail to Marine Creek Parkway is now being considered as part of the I-820 Northwest Loop Corridor. Visit that project webpage for the most current information.

Public involvement

Public meetings and an opportunity for a public hearing will be conducted to collect input that will be used to develop the project in a way that minimizes impacts to the community. A public meeting was held on Feb. 19, 2019.

The estimated project cost is $284 million, and construction could start as early as 2030.


Project Area Map