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DFW Connector TEXpress Lanes Now Open!

The DFW Connector gives drivers a choice

You have a choice on how you travel on the DFW Connector with the addition of TEXpress Lanes. TEXpress Lanes are variable toll lanes added to traditional non-tolled roadways that offer mobility options for drivers who need a faster, more predictable drive time. Or, if you prefer, you may continue to drive on the traditional non-tolled lanes of the roadway.

Variable, or "dynamic" tolls set TEXpress Lanes apart. With dynamic pricing, the toll rates may vary throughout the day in order to manage congestion within the TEXpress Lanes and keep the speeds from falling below 50 miles per hour.

Four dynamic toll lanes – the two inside lanes in each direction – make up the TEXpress Lanes on the DFW Connector, with a dedicated entry and exit ramp near Hwy 26 on the west side and the same near Hwy 121 on the east side. Current prices are displayed before each tolling segment to let drivers know how much it will cost to drive in those lanes. Dynamic tolling will start after a 6-month trial period where tolls will be fixed similar to traditional toll lanes. When the trial period is over, tolls will become variable - increasing at the busiest times and decreasing when traffic drops off.

You have a choice traveling on the DFW Connector—drive the TEXpress Lanes for faster travel time or drive on the existing, improved general highway lanes at no cost. The choice is yours!

How TEXpress lanes work on the DFW Connector

  • Any Texas tag will work in the lanes. Drivers without toll tags will be billed.
  • Current prices are displayed before each tolling segment.
  • Tolls go up as traffic increases and go down when it decreases.
  • Toll lanes will be separated from main lanes by concrete barriers.
  • TEXpress Lanes are all-electronic, so there are no toll booths to slow you down.
  • Carpoolers (HOV 2+ drivers) and motorcyclists can receive a 50% discount during peak travel periods on weekdays.
  • The goal is to keep traffic moving at 50 mph.
  • Because these lanes are barrier separated from the other lanes, motorists can avoid weaving and merging traffic in areas where multiple highways converge.
  • DFW Connector TEXpress Lane revenue funds will be applied to maintenance of the roadway.


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