Reimagine I-10
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Reimagine I-10

TxDOT is conducting an advanced planning study for the I-10 corridor from the New Mexico State Line south to FM 3380 (Aguilera International Highway). The purpose of the study is to analyze and evaluate the current and future transportation needs for the I-10 El Paso corridor. This study is being called “Reimagine I-10” to emphasize the need to reimagine how the corridor operates today and develop unique solutions for the El Paso area. For a link to the study website, please click the Reimagine I-10 icon at the top right of this page.

With five U.S. and Mexico ports of entry in the study limits and with the use of I-10 as a major east/west freight corridor, the importance of this corridor is far-reaching. Furthermore, El Paso is experiencing significant growth and development, but because of its unique geographical location El Paso is limited to any alternative routing options, which ultimately puts more demand on to I-10.

The Reimagine I-10 feasibility study consists of three layers of study for improvement: operational, corridor-wide and technological. Within each layer, solutions such as ramp consolidation, additional capacity and truck platooning will be considered.

Study limits

The study area spans 55 miles, from the border of Texas and New Mexico to Tornillo. It includes more than 200 bridge structures.

For study purposes, the corridor has been segmented into four areas to identify unique issues specific to each segment:

  • Northern Gateway
  • Downtown El Paso
  • Airport
  • Southern Gateway

Study schedule

The project is currently in the alternative evaluation and development phase of project development and this includes:

  • Alternative design development
  • Environmental constraints evaluation
  • Traffic and operational analysis
  • Identification of technology applications
  • Implementation planning
  • Continued stakeholder outreach
Reimagine I-10 segment limits map

Additional information

Additional information and study progress can be found at Reimagine I-10.

Study outreach and participation

Throughout the study, TxDOT offers various opportunities for the public to get involved, including stakeholder workshops, event kiosks and open house meetings. Your involvement and input are critical to the project's development. The comments you provide are essential to TxDOT and will help identify the ways the project could potentially impact you, your community and the environment.

The third and final public meeting series are planned for January 22, 2019 and January 24, 2019, and this page will be updated regularly.

The second round of public meetings series took place in March 2018. Meeting Materials from those open houses:

The first round of public meetings series took place in Summer 2017: