Downtown 10
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Photo of 18-wheeler on I-10 near El Paso, Texas

Downtown 10

Segment 2 : Downtown 10

The I-10 corridor is extremely important for El Paso and the surrounding areas. El Paso is experiencing significant growth and development, but its unique geographical location limits alternative routing option and puts more demand on to I-10.

The proposed Downtown 10 project limits extend from Executive Center Boulevard to Loop 478 (Copia Street), traveling through downtown El Paso. The purpose of the project is to provide long-term transportation solutions for the El Paso region. These solutions will improve mobility and long-term congestion management, reduce and improve incident management, and bring the facility up to current design standards. The proposed improvements include reconstruction of the mainlanes, retaining walls, bridges, ramps, and cross streets to overcome deterioration of pavement and bridges.

Limits: Executive Center Blvd to Loop 478 (Copia St.)
Length: approximately 5.6 miles
CSJ: 2121-02-166
County: El Paso

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Downtown 10 Project Overview

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