Reimagine I-10
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The Reimagine I-10 Corridor is part of the larger I-10 highway – the southernmost cross-country highway in the United States. It has five U.S./Mexico ports of entry and is a highly traveled stretch for freight and trucks. On a more local scale, the Reimagine I-10 Corridor runs 55 miles along the corridor from the New Mexico State line to FM 3380 (Aguilera International Highway).

This stretch of highway is extremely important, not only for El Paso but for the surrounding areas. As the city and region experience significant growth now and into the future, there will be more demand on I-10, making the case for a reimagined corridor that can sustain growth, improve mobility, decrease congestion, and more.

In 2016, TxDOT began an advanced planning study to analyze and evaluate the current and future transportation needs for the I-10 El Paso corridor.

This study titled Reimagine I-10 emphasized the need to reimagine how the corridor operates today and developed unique solutions for the El Paso area.

From the study, four segments were identified for analysis. Learn more about results from the study, current and future projects in each of these segments, as well as how to stay informed and involved in current projects.

New Mexico state line to Executive Center Blvd

US 54 to Loop 375

Executive Center Blvd to US 54

Loop 375 to FM 3380