I-10 Frontage Roads (Executive Center Blvd. to Sunland Park Dr.)
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I-10 Frontage Roads (Executive Center Blvd. to Sunland Park Dr.)


The I-10 Frontage Roads project consists of proposed 2-lane frontage roads in each direction, eastbound 0.91 miles (CSJ 2121-02-177) and westbound 1.71 miles (CSJ 2121-02-167), along I-10 from Executive Center Blvd. to Sunland Park Dr.

Frontage roads along this segment of I-10 would connect the Mesa Park Bridge to the Go1O CD-Lanes. In doing so, the I-10 Frontage Roads project would create continuous frontage roads in both directions of travel between Executive Center Blvd. and Antonio St/FM 1905 (near the New Mexico State Line). Additionally, frontage roads would provide access for incident management in areas with limited or non-existent access.  Frontage roads would also improve mobility to address traffic growth from new developments. The project also proposes retaining walls, bridges, ramps, and intersection improvements for future road extensions, as well as ramp improvements, and a Share Used Path along this segment of I-10 to provide multimodal transportation alternatives.

The project closes gap connectivity issues along I-10 and supplements the Downtown 10 project with continuous frontage roads from Loop 478 (Copia Street) to Sunland Park Dr.

Current conditions

I-10 accounts for over a quarter of all vehicle miles traveled in the El Paso metropolitan area. 

  • Safety: Emergency response along this segment of I-10 is hazardous as there are no alternative routes to bypass traffic in the event of a major accident. Traffic remains at a standstill for extended periods of time until emergency response units complete their duties. The lack of continuous frontage roads along this segment of I-10 results in queues extending towards downtown for westbound traffic and past N. Mesa Dr for eastbound traffic during accidents.
  • Mobility: In the No Build Alternative, I-10 traffic is anticipated to travel at low speeds in both directions, resulting in an undesired level-of-service during 2050 PM peak hour.
  • Multimodality: The majority of the project limits lack sidewalk facilities and does not include any dedicated bicycle facilities.  Sidewalk facilities along Executive Center Boulevard end approximately 850 feet East of the I-10 intersection and are non-existing throughout the intersection; sidewalk facilities begin at the SL375 single-point urban interchange (SPUI) which is located approximately 500 feet south of I-10. The Sunland Park Dr interchange provides pedestrian access to commercial and residential developments located east and west of I-10 but lacks provisions for bicycle use. The lack of bicycle and pedestrian facilities along this segment of I-10 hinders connectivity to the adjacent residential and commercial developments.

Project background

This project is a breakout project from Segment 1 of the 55-mile Reimagine I-10 Corridor Study.  The length of the project is approximately 1.71 miles in westbound direction and 0.91 miles in eastbound direction.

TxDOT recently constructed on/off ramps on I-10 and a bridge over Mesa Park and C-D lanes at Sunland Park Dr.

Proposed improvements

  • Provides an alternative route for emergency response.
  • Improves mobility for existing developments.
  • Provides alternative access to existing developments and new Montecillo development.
  • Provides potential access to future roadway extensions at the Montecillo development, relieving traffic on local streets.
  • Improves traffic from local roadways, parallel to I-10, such as SH 20 (N. Mesa St).
  • Improved accessibility to I-10 would promote economic development in the area.
  • Promotes the extension of planned bicycle and pedestrian facilities which were proposed in the City of El Paso’s 2016 Bike Plan. These paths provide access to residential and commercial developments on each side of I-10.

Next steps

  • Overall: Schematic/Environmental
    • Schematic Design:
      • 30% completed Winter 2021
      • 60% anticipated Fall 2022
      • 90% anticipated Summer 2023
      • 100% anticipated Early 2024
    • Environmental: CE anticipated early 2024
  • Right-of-Way: TBD
  • Utilities: Ongoing
  • Target Let Date: September 2024 (CSJ 2121-02-167 WBFR)