SH 21 West Madison County Widening
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SH 21 West Madison County Widening

The proposed SH 21/US 190 West Madison County Widening Project would increase capacity from a two-lane undivided roadway to a four-lane divided roadway. The project area extends from 0.8 miles east of the Navasota River for approximately 20 miles to Martin Luther King Boulevard in Madisonville.

This project is part of an overall SH 21/US 190 corridor study from SH 6 in Bryan to Madisonville. To date, corridor improvements have been completed from SH 6 in Bryan to just east of the Navasota River. An interim passing lane project was constructed through Madison County from west of North Zulch to west of Madisonville through Madison County.

The proposed widening project would require additional right of way and displacements.

Project background and proposed improvements

SH 21, within the western half of Madison County, is a portion of the US 190 transportation corridor. US 190 is part of the National Highway System and serves as a freight and military route. Proposed improvements include:

  • Straightening sharp curves along the corridor.
  • Expanding the roadway from a 2-lane undivided highway to a 4-lane divided highway separated by a grassy median.
  • Adding 10-foot outside and four-foot inside shoulders for improved roadway safety.
  • Providing R-CUT (Restricted Crossing U-turn) intersections at selected locations.
  • Constructing a relief route South of the community of North Zulch.  
  • Existing US290 in North Zulch will become a business route.

The project is expected to improve safety and mobility by accommodating increasing traffic flow with additional travel lanes and by separating opposing directions of traffic with a median.

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