SH 105 Bridge Replacement Project
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SH 105 Bridge Replacement Project

The alignment for the SH 105 bridge replacement project involves replacing the existing SH 105 bridges across the Navasota and Brazos rivers and Coles Creek in Grimes, Brazos and Washington counties.

The bridges are on a new roadway that requires approximately 89.4 acres of additional right of way. Federal bridge funds will pay for the expected $25 million cost, and construction began in October 2014.

Project background

  • Westward migration of the Brazos River has begun to undermine the foundation on the east approach to the Brazos River Bridge on SH 105.
  • River migration is expected to continue and may cause structural problems that could require permanent bridge closure.
  • Proposed location is approximately 820 feet downstream (south) of the existing bridge.
  • Relocating the Brazos River Bridge necessitates realigning a portion of the SH 105 roadway.
  • Since the Brazos River Bridge is in close proximity to bridges at the Navasota River and Coles Creek, any modifications to the alignment of the Brazos River Bridge will affect these bridges as well.
  • Bridges at the Brazos and Navasota rivers and Coles Creek have been determined to be functionally obsolete partly because of the lack of shoulders.

Project benefits

It will improve safety along SH 105 by relocating the bridge over the Brazos River to a more stable location. The project also realigns and replaces functionally obsolete bridges that do not meet current standards for safety at the Navasota River and at Coles Creek.

Proposed improvements

Construct three bridges to replace existing bridges:

  • Brazos River Bridge, which is located 0.55 miles west of the SH 105/FM 159 intersection
  • Navasota River Bridge, which is located 0.31 miles east of the SH 105/FM 159 intersection
  • Coles Creek Bridge, which is located 1.76 miles west of the SH 105/FM 159 intersection

The realignment of SH 105 covers 1.06 miles east of FM 159 to 0.03 miles east of FM 1155, which spans across portions of Brazos, Grimes and Washington counties. SH 105 would shift to accommodate these bridge replacements.


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