SH 6 and FM 2 Intersection - Grimes County
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SH 6 and FM 2 Intersection - Grimes County

The TxDOT Bryan District is developing plans to improve safety at the intersection of SH 6 with FM 2 in Grimes County. The project would remove the current standard crossover with a grade-separated interchange. A grade-separated interchange is commonly referred to as an underpass or overpass. This design would no longer allow traffic to directly enter the high-speed intersection without using an on/off ramp to merge into traffic.


Each year, TxDOT reviews our roadway system to determine priority locations for safety improvements. This intersection of SH 6 with FM 2 was evaluated and selected for project development. The Bryan District office has studied design alternatives and investigated potential environmental impacts. The preferred alternative was presented at the February 9, 2017, Open House.

The proposed project would convert the at-grade intersection to a grade-separated intersection with FM 2 going over SH 6. This would create a typical main-lane section on SH 6 with two 12 foot travel lanes bounded by 10 foot inside and outside shoulders; ramps will provide access to FM 2. The proposed ROW width would vary from 210 to 450 feet. The entrance and exit ramps would have a 14 foot lane with 4 foot inside and 6 foot outside shoulders. Right turn lanes would be provided at the intersections with FM 2. The two bridges at Beason Creek would also be replaced on their current alignment at a higher elevation.

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Next steps

  • The project was let August of 2021
  • Construction started November of 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2024