I-45 South Walker County Project
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I-45 South Walker County Project

The purpose of this project is to enhance freight mobility and address congestion along the I-45 corridor. The project limits are from 0.2 miles south of the Montgomery County Line to 0.3 miles north of SH 19 with a length of 12.6 miles. No additional right of way is required. The project is not yet funded but is estimated for letting in December 2015. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2016 and expected to last three years with an estimated cost of $240 million.


  • The freeway within the project limits was constructed in the early 1960s
  • Passenger and truck traffic has greatly increased during the 50-year lifespan of the facility
  • I-45 serves as the primary hurricane and disaster evacuation route for metro Houston and Galveston

Proposed improvements

  • Replace existing main-lane pavement with new pavement
  • Widen to six travel-lanes (three north and three south) with a center concrete traffic barrier instead of a grass median
  • Extend and replace drainage structures
  • Replace all existing bridges
  • Add a new direct connection from northbound I-45 to northbound SH 19
  • Reconstruct ramps to current standards
  • Reconstruct frontage roads and crossroads adjacent to new ramps and interchanges

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Next Steps

  • Environmental Decision - Anticipated Summer 2015