FM 60 at the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge - Burleson County
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FM 60 at the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge - Burleson County

TxDOT is proposing improvements to a 0.47-mile segment of FM 60, from FM 111 to approximately 0.25-miles northwest of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Bridge in Deanville, Burleson County, Texas. The purpose of this project is to re-align FM 60 to eliminate a short curve for improved safety; widen the roadway to increase mobility; and upgrade to current roadway design and bridge standards.


  • Project addresses current narrow and low clearance
  • Existing FM 60 project area consists of two 11-foot lanes (one in each direction) with 4-foot outside shoulders within an 80- to 100-foot right of way (ROW)
  • FM 60 at UPRR is grade separated and FM 60 passes under UPRR with a 13-foot 4-inch clearance
  • The UPRR bridge at FM 60 is a wood bridge with wood retaining walls
  • FM 60 crosses under a high volume freight railroad single main line owned and operated by UPRR

Proposed improvements

  • Preferred Alternative:
    • Widen FM 60 to two 12-foot lanes (one in each direction) with 10-foot shoulders
    • Construct FM 60 under the UPRR
    • Replace the wood retaining walls at the bridge with concrete retaining walls
    • Construct retaining walls on the north and south side of FM 60, from the UPRR bridge to approximately 500 feet from the intersection of FM 60 and FM 111
    • Construct two-way access driveways on the north and south side of FM 60 to provide access to properties located between FM 111 and the UPRR bridge

The proposed project alternative would require additional right-of-way of approximately 1.74 acres and could potentially relocate/displace one residence.

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Next steps

The project is funded and expected to cost approximately $15.5 million. Once an alternative is approved, plans would be developed with an estimated letting date for Fall 2022 with construction beginning in the early part of 2023.