FM 3083 from SH 105 to I-45
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FM 3083 from SH 105 to I-45

TxDOT is proposing to improve FM 3083 between SH 105 to I-45 and in the city of Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas. The project is approximately 2.2 miles. The purpose of the proposed project is to increase capacity, accommodate population growth and development, enhance safety and upgrade the roadway to current design standards.

Current conditions

FM 3083 is currently an undivided two lane roadway with 12-foot travel lanes and 4-8 foot shoulders from SH 105 to Teas Nursery Road, and then transitioning to a four-lane roadway from Teas Nursery Road to I-45.

Project background

The purpose of the proposed project is to:

  • Increase mobility in central Montgomery County
  • Enhance safety for the traveling public by adding sidewalks, wider shoulders, and dedicated left turn lanes at selected intersections and cross-streets
  • Upgrade the roadway to current design standards
  • Increase capacity with additional travel lanes

Proposed improvements

  • Construct one additional 12-foot travel lane in each direction
  • Widen the shoulders to 12 feet
  • Add five-foot wide sidewalks on both sides of the roadway
  • Add detention ponds, which will require approximately 8.0 acres of new right of way

The estimated construction cost is approximately $24 million.

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