RM 620 Feasibility Study
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RM 620 Feasibility Study

This feasibility study deals with an 18.8-mile segment of RM 620 from SH 71W to US 183.

Current conditions

Travis County’s rapid growth has placed increased demand on this already congested highway. The Hill Country terrain, limited route alternatives, constrained rights of way, and environmental sensitivity pose challenges to potential roadway improvement solutions.

Proposed improvements

Recommendations for short-, mid- and long-term improvements to RM 620 may be found in the RM 620 feasibility report summary, report presentation, and report found in the Downloads section below.

Get involved

Because the future functionality of RM 620 is critical to the communities it serves, TxDOT desires input from users about their needs, concerns and ideas for the highway’s future. Please feel free to review the feasibility study report and share your comments.