MoPac Intersections
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MoPac Intersections

Proposed improvements

This project will construct underpasses for Slaughter Lane and La Crosse Avenue. TxDOT will extend Loop 1 (MoPac) mainlanes through both intersections by going under both Slaughter Lane and La Crosse Avenue.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations

Signal optimization and bicycle/pedestrian improvements, including pedestrian/bicycle lanes on Slaughter and La Crosse are a part of the project. These improvements include an additional 10-foot shared use path on the west side of MoPac from Slaughter Lane to La Crosse Avenue.

  • This shared use path will supplement the existing recreational trail outside the right-of-way from Slaughter Lane to Slaughter Creek on the west side of MoPac
  • These improvements, in combination with existing and other pedestrian and bicycle facilities, would provide a continuous bicycle and pedestrian connection between Slaughter Lane and La Crosse Avenue
  • Improvements are proposed to be made within existing right of way

Innovative Intersection Designs

At Slaughter Lane, the approved design is a Diverging Diamond Intersection, or DDI. At La Crosse Avenue, the project will build a conventional intersection, similar to most intersections in the area.


  • Environmental clearance: December 2015
  • Anticipated letting: August 2017
  • Anticipated construction start: January 2018
  • Anticipated Completion: early 2021