I-30 Frontage Road Project: FM 3419 to FM 989
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I-30 Frontage Road Project: FM 3419 to FM 989

CSJ: 0610-07-097

Project description

TxDOT is proposing to construct one-way frontage roads, entrance and exit ramps, and turnarounds on I-30 from FM 3419 to FM 989 in Bowie County, Texas. This project is a part of multiple projects on the I-30 Corridor in Bowie County. The following link is the schematic for this project: Schematic. This project would also replace the FM 989 main lane bridge over I-30. The bridge replacement includes removal of the current main lane bridge and construction of a new structure that would meet new vertical clearance requirements over I-30. New intersections would also be included at the north I-30 frontage road and the south I-30 frontage road. The total length of the project is approximately 2.4 miles. The purpose of this project is to enhance safety, increase mobility, and improve traffic operations and local circulation for the traveling public. The existing condition along I-30 consists of four 12-foot-wide lanes (two lanes in each direction) with four-foot-wide inside and 10-foot-wide outside shoulders and a grassy median. Along the median, there is an existing cable median barrier in place which would remain. The proposed project would reconstruct existing frontage roads and fill in gaps in the frontage road system to accommodate conversion from two-way to one-way operations between FM 3419 and FM 989. This project would not provide access to FM 3419 but would provide access to FM 989. When the FM 3419 bridge replacement is completed as a separate project, the new frontage road system would connect to FM 3419. The proposed typical section of the frontage roads would consist of an 11-foot-wide travel lane, a 14-foot-wide shared-use lane to accommodate both motorists and bicycles, with three-foot-wide inside shoulders. Entrance and exit ramps would be constructed to provide access to FM 2148. The typical right of way width varies from 300-foot wide to 400-foot wide.

Funding & letting information

The I-30 Frontage Road project is estimated to cost $42.8 million and is currently funded utilizing Category 2U and 4 funds. The project has a projected let date of June 2022 and construction could start as early as August 2022.

I-30 Frontage Road - typical section: existing
I-30 Frontage Road - typical section: proposed

Public involvement

TxDOT is committed to working closely with the community on this project. On Feb. 2, 2017, TxDOT conducted an open house public meeting at Waggoner Creek Elementary School. The purpose of this open house meeting was to discuss the proposed construction of I-30 frontage roads, entrance and exit ramps, and turnarounds from FM 3419 to FM 989 in Bowie County. During this meeting acquisition of additional ROW requirements were presented to the public. To access the public involvement web page for this meeting, please click here.


The project is scheduled to let in June 2022. Construction could begin as early as August 2022 and is anticipated to be completed in 2025. Construction of this project would include the FM 989 (King’s Highway) Bridge Replacement and would be in conjunction with the FM 989 roadway widening. Please continue scrolling for more details on that project. The work is proposed to be completed using phased construction, and the phases may require traffic detours during some phases of work.

Project layouts are available here for download: