FM 989 Roadway Widening
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FM 989 Roadway Widening

FM 989 map

Project description

This project would consist of the roadway widening of FM 989 from I-30 north frontage road to Gibson Lane adjacent to the bridge replacement at the crossover of FM 989 over I-30. This project is a part of multiple projects on the I-30 Corridor in Bowie County. The following link is the layout for this project: Layout. The new roadway would be widened to a five-lane section consisting of one 12-foot-wide inside travel lane in each direction, one 14-foot-wide outside shared-use lane in each direction, a 16-foot flush median, and six-foot-wide sidewalks on each side designed to provide safety and mobility for motorists and pedestrians. The shared-use lane in each direction would be multimodal and serve to accommodate both motorists and cyclists.

Funding & letting information

The I-30 Bridge Replacement at FM 989 is currently included in the I-30 Frontage Road project which is estimated to cost $42.8 million. The widening of FM 989 is estimated to cost $5.8M. The project has a projected let date of June 2022.

FM 989 Existing Typical Section
FM 989 Proposed Typical Section


The project is scheduled to let in June 2022. Construction could begin as early as August 2022. Construction of this project will be in conjunction with the frontage road project along I-30 from FM 3419 to FM 989 (King’s Highway). The FM 989 widening is proposed to be completed using phased construction, which allows for the roadway to remain open to traffic while construction is taking place.  

Project layouts are available here for download: