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The Texas Transportation Plan 2040 will analyze the existing conditions for each mode, forecast future condition and needs, and determine optimal investment strategies for advancing long-term goals amid constrained resources. The plan will:

  • Be performance-based and link planning with programming decisions
  • Address future population and employment growth
  • Advance “best in class” business practices and partnerships
  • Integrate with existing TxDOT plans and other ongoing planning efforts and initiatives
  • Comply with state and federal legislative requirements

The Texas Transportation Plan 2040 will:

  • Implement the goals of the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan and build upon the existing work produced for the Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan 2035
  • Summarize the existing and future system conditions, needs, revenues, funding gaps, and supporting data sources for all modes
  • Consider public and stakeholder input

This plan looks at all modes of transportation together, including future needs for:

  • Highways.
  • Inter-city buses.
  • Aviation/air access.
  • Marine/port facilities.
  • Freight/passenger rail.
  • Bicycle/pedestrian facilities.
  • Pipelines.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • Intermodal facilities.

The Texas Transportation Plan 2040 will provide recommendations for investments based on how Texans want the overall system to perform. This means that, working with the public and stakeholders, TxDOT will define investment opportunities based on performance measures that signal that the transportation system is working for the travelling public and the "economy in motion."

You may:

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