Texas freight network technology and operations plan
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Texas freight network technology and operations plan

The 2018 Texas Freight Mobility Plan (TFMP) provided Texas with a blueprint for facilitating continued economic growth through a comprehensive, multimodal strategy for addressing freight transportation. One major recommendation from the TFMP is for the TxDOT to develop and implement a statewide, technology-based freight safety and operations program.

This recommendation recognizes that roadway infrastructure investments alone will not be able to meet the freight system’s stakeholder needs related to safety, economic competitiveness, asset preservation and utilization, mobility and reliability, and multimodal connectivity. It recognizes that emerging technology applications can improve freight system efficiency, improve logistics reliability, reduce freight industry costs, and improve safety.

Based on this recommendation, the Freight Planning Branch within TxDOT’s (TxDOT) Transportation Planning and Programming Division developed the Texas Freight Network Technology and Operations Plan (FNTOP), which outlines 12 technology based strategies, six of which were advanced to Concept of Operations, to help improve freight transportation safety and mobility in Texas.

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