The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor was designated as a High Priority Corridor in 1998 by Congress. The Corridor provides the efficient transportation of goods and people from Mexico, through West Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and ultimately Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The limits of the Ports-to-Plains Feasibility Study extend along highways from the New Mexico and Oklahoma borders to Mexico and include sections of I-20, I-27, I-35, US 83, US 87, US 277, US 287, SH 158, and SH 349. A map of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor that will be studied is available in the “Downloads” section below.

Ports-to-Plains Feasibility Study (House Bill 1079)

The 86th Texas legislature passed House Bill 1079 (HB 1079) relating to a study by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor, including an evaluation of the feasibility of certain improvements to Interstate Highway 27 (I-27). The governor signed the bill into law on June 10, 2019.

TxDOT shall conduct a comprehensive study of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor. The study must evaluate the feasibility of, and the costs and logistical matters associated with, improvements that create a continuous flow, four-lane divided highway that meets interstate highway standards to the extent possible, including improvements that extend I-27. The study is anticipated to conclude in January 2021.

A Ports-to-Plains Advisory Committee will be established to assist TxDOT in conducting the study. The Advisory Committee will be comprised of mayors and judges (or their designees) of cities and counties along the Ports-to-Plains Corridor and will meet on a rotational basis between Lubbock and San Angelo in accordance with HB 1079.

TxDOT, in conjunction with the Advisory Committee, shall establish Segment Committees for each geographic segment along the Ports-to-Plains Corridor as determined by the department. The Segment Committees are to include representatives from municipalities, counties, MPOs, ports, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, oil and gas industry, trucking industry, and any other interested parties.

Public meetings will be conducted quarterly during the study and at various locations within the Ports-to-Plains Corridor. These meetings will offer the public information about the study and the opportunity to provide feedback. The Advisory Committee, Segment Committees, and TxDOT will consider the feedback received in developing its recommendations for the corridor. More information on public meetings will be published here.

Please check this webpage periodically for updated study information.


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