Texas Electric Vehicle Planning
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Texas Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan

The draft Texas Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan is being made available for public comment. The plan can be found here and comments can be submitted to txdot_nevi@txdot.gov

Get Involved

Governor's Guidance

In support of the new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan, the governor has issued a letter requesting TxDOT lead the way in developing a plan to ensure all Texans have access to the EV infrastructure with a focus on rural placement and connectivity.

Federal Legislation

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed into law on Nov. 15, 2021, established a first-of-its-kind National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program. NEVI will provide funding to states to deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure along public roads to establish an interconnected network across the state and nation.

For fiscal years 2022-2026, Texas will receive $407.8 million, with the Federal Highway Administration apportioning $60.4 million of that already for FY 2022. The funds will be split 80 percent federal, 20 percent state, with third parties funding the state’s share. No state funds will be used.

Deployment Plan

To receive the funds, TxDOT must submit an EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan by Aug. 1, 2022, to FHWA describing how it intends to use its NEVI funds. Per federal NEVI guidance, TxDOT divisions have begun collaborating with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the State Energy Conservation Office at the Texas Comptroller to create the Deployment Plan. It will contain sections in areas such as charging infrastructure deployment, existing and future conditions, contracting, implementation, and program evaluation as well as documentation of state agency coordination, stakeholder outreach, and public engagement. The Plan will address statewide connectivity and initial EV charging placement needs to reliably travel across the state and in rural areas, as well as augmenting the needs in urban areas for greater densities of EV vehicles.

Contracting with Private Entities

Funds made available under the NEVI Formula Program may be used to contract with a private entity for acquisition, installation, and operation and maintenance of publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure. The private entity may pay the non-federal share of the cost of a project funded. FHWA anticipates that in most instances states will elect to contract with private entities for the installation, operation, and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure. By May 13, 2022, FHWA will provide additional information regarding minimum standards and requirements associated with the installation, operation, and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure. Contracts under the NEVI formula program for EV Charging will be awarded on a competitive basis. TxDOT will not own or operate any charging equipment.

Collaboration and Engagement

TxDOT commits and intends to involve the public and interested parties by providing for early, continuous, transparent, and effective access to information and decision-making. All comments submitted from the public or interested parties will lead to improved project planning and development and a more transparent decision-making process. To keep stakeholders and other interested parties informed and offer an opportunity to provide feedback, click here or the image below to access the online engagement page. Additional information on public involvement objectives, stakeholders and outreach activities can be found in the Public Involvement Plan

Online Engagement Tool Share Your Feedback


NEVI Formula Program Timeline

NEVI Formula Program Timeline



Q: Are funds available as rebates to purchase EVs or convert traditional internal combustion engines?

A: No, NEVI provides funding to states to deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure along public roads. For information on states rebates and federal tax credits, please see the “Financial” section of TxDOT’s webpage on Tips for EV Drivers in Texas.

Q: Isn’t there also a grant program?

A: Yes, the IIJA established a new $2.5 billion discretionary grant program to deploy publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure, hydrogen fueling infrastructure, propane fueling infrastructure, and natural gas fueling infrastructure. There are two components: Corridor Charging Grants and Community Charging Grants. Additional guidance and information on the Corridor and Community Charging Programs will be forthcoming in guidance from FHWA by Nov. 15, 2022.

Q: What about large EV trucks that haul freight?

A: Federal NEVI guidance currently defines EVs to include “passenger cars and light trucks.” Future needs should for EV charging stations may consider medium-and heavy-duty EVs as well as shared mobility such as micro-transit and transportation network companies. Additional guidance and information on EV freight will be forthcoming in guidance from FHWA by Nov. 15, 2022.

Q: How can I get involved and stay informed?

A: This webpage will keep stakeholders and other interested parties informed and offer an opportunity to provide feedback and input. You can also email us for additional information at txdot_nevi@txdot.gov.


Available resources to help visualize the Alternative Fuel Corridors, existing charging stations, obtain EV driving tips, and EV charging study areas.

Contact Us

For comments or questions about the program, email txdot_nevi@txdot.gov.


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