Odessa Loop 338 Corridor Study
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TxDOT is studying the Odessa Loop 338 Corridor. The goal of this study is to understand future improvements that may be needed on Loop 338. 

Existing segment descriptions: 

  • Segment 1 (Northeast segment) is 7.6 miles long, from East SH 191 to north US 385, and consists of a four-lane highway with new overpasses under construction at the intersections of North US 385 and Yukon Road. 
  • Segment 2 (Northwest segment) is 6.8 miles long, from North US 385 to SH 302, and consists of a two-lane highway from west of US 385 to West Yukon Road, and a four-lane highway from West Yukon Road to SH 302, with an overpass at the intersection of SH 302. 
  • Segment 3 (West segment) is 4.4 miles long, from SH 302 to West I-20, and consists of a four-lane highway, with overpasses located at the intersections of University Boulevard (FM 2020), West 16th Street (FM 3472), West BI-20, and West I-20. 
  • Segment 4 (Southwest segment) is 3.7 miles long, from West I-20 to South US 385, and consists of a two-lane highway. 
  • Segment 5 (Southeast segment) is 8.1 miles long, from South US 385 to 0.8 miles south of East I-20, and consists of a two-lane highway. 
  • Segment 6 (East segment) is 3.4 miles long, from 0.8 miles south of East I-20 to East SH 191, and consists of a four-lane highway with an overpass at East BI-20 and signalized intersections at East I-20 and East SH 191. 

There will be two surveys to gather input regarding this study. 

In the first survey, we asked which segments of Loop 338 you think need improvement the most, and then provide an opportunity for you to describe the issues you currently experience. Respondents used an interactive map to show us where you travel most and areas where you have concerns. 

In the second survey, through Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, we presented a summary of responses from the first survey. The second survey also requested input on potential solutions that may be appropriate as funding becomes available for improvements to the Loop. 




TxDOT Odessa District
3901 East Highway 80
Odessa, TX 79761

(432) 498-4645


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