FM 1960 Access Management Study from East Gatewick to BF 1960A

TxDOT is conducting an Access Management Study for the 11-mile segment of FM 1960 from East Gatewick (just east of I-45) to BF 1960A (east of I-69) in Harris County. Within these limits, FM 1960 is an east-west corridor that has experienced increasing traffic due to area growth in residential and commercial development.

Current Roadway Conditions

The western section of FM 1960 from E Gatewick to Treaschwig Road is an eight-lane roadway with a continuous two-way left-turn lane in the middle. The eastern section of FM 1960 from Treaschwig Road to BF 1960A is a six-lane roadway with a continuous two-way left-turn lane in the middle. The FM 1960 Study segment carries approximately 41,000 to 67,000 vehicles per day and has a crash rate at some locations that is higher than the statewide average. 

Study Purpose

The FM 1960 study aims to identify short-, medium-, and long-range improvements to reduce crashes, improve mobility, and support existing and future development. 


The proposed improvements would:

  • Improve safety through reduced crashes.
  • Improve traffic operations by better planning how vehicles move through the corridor.
  • Reduce congestion by improving travel time.
  • Improve accessibility by enhancing multimodal connectivity.
  • Preserve and enhance economic opportunities along the corridor.

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