Irving Interchange
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The $301 million Irving Interchange project will include the reconstruction of interchanges at SH 183, SH 114, Loop 12, and Spur 482. Loop 12 will be reconstructed and widened from six to eight lanes for a length of 1.2 miles that begins on the south end of Union Bower Road to the north of Texas Plaza Drive. The project will also include the widening of SH 114 from Loop 12 to SH 183 and Spur 482 with direct connectors. Spur 482 will be reconstructed from west of Century Center Boulevard to the interchange and will tie into SH 183 with direct connectors. 

Irving Map

This is a Texas Clear Lanes project. Texas Clear Lanes is a statewide strategic plan to provide congestion relief through non-tolled roads and is focused on the five largest metro areas in Texas.

The overall length of the project is about 9.6 miles including bridges and direct connectors.

Phase 1 of the Irving Interchange was completed in 2013 which reconstructed the interchanges at SH 114 and Loop 12. The SH 183 Midtown Express design-build project also recently completed interim improvements in the area. The Irving Interchange project will construct the ultimate phase of the interchanges at SH 183, Loop 12, SH 114, and Spur 482.

Construction Schedule

Construction began late 2020 and is anticipated to be complete mid-2023, weather permitting. 

Spring 2022 Construction Update

  • Project is at 46 percent completion, 36 percent elapsed time.  
  • Anticipated Project Completion – Late Summer 2023.
  • Concrete pavement along southbound and northbound frontage roads of Spur 482 and northbound frontage roads of Loop 12 are partially completed, and traffic has been switched over to newly built paving.
  • Roadway work such as asphalt and concrete pavement continues along Loop 12, SH 114, as well as widening of the main lanes on SH 183. 
  • Several retaining walls are currently under construction along Loop 12, SH 114, and westbound SH 183, of which 11 walls have been completed.
  • Partial bridge work is complete over Loop 12, SH 183, and Spur 482, including direct connectors.
  • Bridge substructure and superstructure work for various bridges/direct connectors along Spur 482, SH 114, and SH 183 are partially complete and is ongoing for other spans.
  • Excavation and subgrade work continues along Loop 12, SH 183, and SH 114.
  • The majority of drainage pipe installation has been completed throughout the project.

Virtual Groundbreaking Celebration


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