State Highway 71 serves as a major corridor for motorists traveling to and from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the city of Bastrop, and other central Texas communities. In fact, in 2015, the average daily traffic on SH 71 just east of SH 130 was more than 50,000 vehicles a day. With continued growth in eastern Travis and Bastrop counties, TxDOT is planning for improvements on this section of SH 71 to enhance safety and manage congestion.

Ross Road and Kellam Road

The proposed project would construct two new overpass bridges on SH 71 over the existing signalized intersections at Ross Road and Kellam Road. This would improve mobility by allowing SH 71 through-traffic to flow through the area without stopping. In addition, new access roads would be built within the project limits to allow local travelers access to Ross Road and Kellam Road. Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations would also be improved and expanded, as a part of this proposed project.

Tucker Hill Lane and Pope Bend Road

The two proposed projects will improve safety and manage congestion. Various improvements have been evaluated with the goal of upgrading the existing SH 71 at these intersections. The proposed projects would include:

  • Two new overpass bridges on SH 71 over the existing signalized intersections at Tucker Hill Lane and Pope Bend Road
  • One-way frontage roads within the project limits
  • Improved and expanded bicycle and pedestrian accommodations

The projects require 24.5 acres of right of way at the Tucker Hill Lane intersection and 11.09 acres at the Pope Bend Road intersection. The acreage at Pope Bend Road includes 2.13 acres in McKinney Roughs Nature Park, a park area used by the public, which is subject to Chapter 26 of the Parks and Wildlife Code. No displacements are anticipated for either of the proposed projects. 


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