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Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD)

The Texas Transportation Commission approved Revision 1 of the 2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) at their November meeting. The revised manual became effective on Dec. 6, 2012.

The Texas MUTCD governs the placement of signs signals and pavement markings on every public road in Texas and on certain private property. Under state law, each road authority, including TxDOT, is required to follow the provisions of the manual.

The purpose of having a single manual is to ensure that traffic control devices are applied uniformly across the state as well as the nation. This type of uniformity helps improve the overall safety and efficiency of our roadways.

2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) - Revision 1

Title Format
Complete 2011 TMUTCD - Revision 1

2011 TMUTCD - Revised Sheets Only (for insertion into existing TMUTCD)

Title Format
List of changes for 2011-Revision 1

2011 TMUTCD - Individual Parts and Chapters

Title Format
Cover and Spine (Revised)
Introduction and Table of Contents (Revised)
Part 1. General (Revised)
Part 2. Signs (Revised)
   Chapter 2A - General (Revised)
   Chapter 2B - Regulatory Signs, Barricades and Gates (Revised)
   Chapter 2C - Warning Signs, Object Markers (Revised)
   Chapter 2D - Guide Signs - Conventional Roads (Revised)
   Chapter 2E - Guide Signs - Freeways and Expressways (Revised)
   Chapter 2F - Toll Road Signs (Revised)
   Chapter 2G - 2H - Preferential and Managed Lane Signs, General Information Signs (Revised)
   Chapter 2I - 2N - General Service Signs, Specific Service (LOGO) Signs,
   Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs, Changeable Message Signs,
   Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs, and Emergency Management Signing (Revised)
Part 3. Markings (Revised)
Part 4. Highway Traffic Signals (Revised)
Part 5. Traffic Control Devices for Low Volume Roads (Revised)
Part 6. Temporary Traffic Control (Revised)
Part 7. Traffic Controls for School Areas (Revised)
Part 8. Traffic Controls for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings (Revised)
Part 9. Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilities (Revised)

Previous Versions - TMUTCD

Title Format
2006 - Revision 1

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