Construction and Maintenance Agreement Requirements
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Construction and Maintenance Agreement Requirements

TxDOT routinely enters into construction and maintenance (C&M) agreements with railroad companies, which provide TxDOT license and permission to perform work within railroad right of way. A separate Contractor Right-of-Entry agreement will then be executed between the contractor and railroad company to allow the contractor onto railroad right of way.

As a part of these agreements, completion of guidance and procedural documents related to the development of C&M agreements between TxDOT and various railroad companies is required, including:


Schematic Examples (Submitted with Preliminary Engineering Agreement) Format
New Overpass Schematic
Widened At-Grade Crossing Schematic
Widened Underpass Schematic  


Exhibit "A" Examples (Submitted for Design Approval) Format
New Overpass
Widened At-Grade Crossing
Widened Underpass
Joint Right-of-Way Usage


Other Documentation for Design Approval Examples Format
Proposed Construction Project Photos
Design Conformance to Railroad Guidelines Report (for Overpass Projects)
Overhead Checklist for KCS Railway (for Overpass Projects)
Boring Logs (for Bridge Projects)
Typical Selection Report (for Underpass Projects)
Hydraulics Analysis
Track Outage (Absolute Work Window)
Railroad Scope of Work Matrix


Real Estate Format
Metes and Bounds Property Description - Example
Sample Area Map for UPRR and BNSF Projects


Pipe and Wire Crossings and Encroachments on Railroad Right-of-Way Format
Union Pacific Railroad Pipeline Forms
Union Pacific Railroad Wireline Forms
Pipeline Cooper E-80 Loading Calculations - Example


Traffic Signal Pre-emption Format
Traffic Signal Layout – Example
Existing Traffic Signal Timing Data - Example
Pre-emption Form (TxDOT Form 2304)


Railroad Grade Separation Projects that Remove an Active Warning Device Format
Theoretical Structure
Railroad Five Percent Cost Estimate



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