Electronic Plan Set Guidance
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Since 2015, we have provided support to the districts in developing and submitting electronic plans. The "ePS&E Helper" was created as a primary reference for this process. Below are links to the Helper manual, as well as links to other useful files referenced in the manual. For MicroStation and ProjectWise support, please see the Design Division – Plan Development Section page - TxDOT intranet only.


Electronic Plan Set Guidance

File Name



ePS&E Helper for Acrobat DC - 091421

Guide for the development of electronic plans using MicroStation and Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

ePS&E Helper for Acrobat XI - 031315 Guide for the development of electronic plans using MicroStation and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Note that PDF Portfolios no longer work with Acrobat XI.
FoxIt PhantomPDF Menu Navigation

FoxIt PhantomPDF How-To Batch Digital Signing for Plan Sheets

FoxIt PhantomPDF is an alternative PDF Editor to Adobe Acrobat. Please contact DES-FPP staff if you are interested in using FoxIt PhantomPDF.

Digital Signature Guidance

Design Division direction on Digital Signatures Memo, April 2020.

PE Seal for DGN An engineer seal file that can be referenced into MicroStation.
POL File-Renaming Tool 3.5

Tool for batch-renaming plan sheets to the format needed to post to Plans Online.

Plan Sheet & Addendum Sheet Counter

Tool to keep track of file names, for comparing against the index, and ensure that addendum plan sheet file names exactly match the original submittal.  Tool now also flags any standard plan sheets that are not current. Revised 02/08/2022

CAD Standards All of the latest standard plan sheets for Bridge, Roadway, Traffic, and Maintenance.  Please review the 100% plans to ensure that all standards are current.
Acrobat Actions Files Scripts for running batch processes in Adobe Acrobat to add blank signature and date fields to plan sheets.
Acrobat Action Wizard Javascript Helper 3.0 Tool for updating the location of the signature and date fields within the Acrobat Action files.
Other Tools

File Name



Batch Rename

Program for batch editing plan sheet file names (useful for adjusting prefixes, suffixes, add/remove text, etc).                                 

PDF Signer (v8.5 TxDOT)

PDF Signer how-to (052715)

PDF Signer Signature Location
Helper 2.0

Program for batch signing multiple plan sheets.




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