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Connecting You With Texas
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TxDOT Progress Report



Connecting You With Texas

Texas voters spoke clearly when they supported additional funding for transportation improvements in 2014 and 2015.

As a growing state, Texas needs a transportation system that can support its diverse and connected economy. "Connecting You With Texas" is TxDOT's mission. And that means making the best use of every taxpayer dollar to build and maintain a system that connects every Texan safely, efficiently and effectively to what matters most – family, jobs, healthcare, economic opportunities and more. It's also about balancing the many needs of the state while executing on our promise to deliver. The following is a snapshot of our progress toward delivering on this mission.



Texas county map with I-35

TxDOT's work covers all of Texas with 25 districts representing transportation needs for these areas:


(10.6% of pop.)


(22.3% of pop.)


(67.1% of pop.)

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Connecting You With Texas – A Diverse & Growing State

  • 266,491 square miles - 37% east of I-35
  • Would be 9th largest economy in the world if it were a country
  • Home to 5 of the nation's 13 most populous cities
  • Population grew more than 15% over past 10 years – added more people than any other state; population projected to grow from almost 30 million today to 47 million by 2050
  • 87% of Texans live in counties along and east of I-35
  • TxDOT maintains more than 197,000 lane miles of Texas roadways and supports more than 54,000 bridges, the most miles and bridges of any state (learn more in TxDOT's Pocket Facts)
  • In its 10-year plan, TxDOT has allocated 16.7% of the total funding to rural districts, 19% to urban districts, and 47.7% to metro districts
  • 80% and 83% of Texans voted in favor of ballot measures in 2014 and 2015, respectively, to direct more state funding to the State Highway Fund for non-tolled road projects

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Turning Dirt and Putting Tax Dollars to Work

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$74.7 Billion


Total funding amount for TxDOT's 2021 Unified Transportation Program to guide planning and development for 8K+ projects over the next decade in rural, urban and metro districts

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$24 Billion

Actively Under Contract

For roadway construction and maintenance projects (as of September 2020)

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$7.6 Billion

Awarded Contracts

For 800+ construction and maintenance projects in FY 2020 alone.

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Increase in contractor payments for construction and maintenance from FY 2019 to FY 2020 with total payments of $6.78 billion.

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Addressing Connectivity and Congestion

$24.9 billion

$24.9 billion assigned to Texas Clear Lanes non-tolled projects in metro districts as of 2020 for congestion relief–6 Texas Clear Lanes projects completed 2015-2020; 19 under construction; 18 planned. Learn more about Texas Clear Lanes projects.


non-tolled projects awarded from Jan. 1, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2020


lane miles added between FY 2015-2020, the same distance from Austin, Texas to Toronto, Canada


rural connectivity projects completed since FY 2015; 145 under construction as of September 2020

Interstates suburban and rurual

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Ice prevention digital billboard and road crew with safety cones

Focused on Safety for Texas

An extra $600 million

allocated for FY 2020-2021 for the Road to Zero goal of zero fatalities on Texas roads by 2050 by targeting immediate roadway safety engineering improvements. Ninety safety projects funded in FY 2020.

Every project has a safety component.

TxDOT also has invested an additional $1.48B for more than 3,200 targeted Highway Safety Improvement Projects in calendar years 2015-2020 to further support data-driven safety engineering solutions. Learn more about Highway Safety Engineering.

At the ready!

TxDOT responds to severe weather and disaster events to protect Texans and speed response and recovery with 5K+ employees on TxDOT crews in 250+ offices statewide.


Ports, Planes, Trains, Transit and More


in modal (or alternative) program investments to move people and goods throughout Texas in FY 2015–2020.

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Looking Ahead


in gross cost savings to be realized over time from refinancing debt since FY 2015.


Texas with travel routes icon

A Connected Future

Partnered with 230+ public and private organizations and associations in the development of automated and connected vehicle systems in Texas. Collaborating with 50+ tests and deployments of connected and automated vehicles.

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"Ongoing need for sufficient and sustainable funding"

What Texans had to say during the development of the Texas Transportation Plan 2050

Chairman J. Bruce Bugg, Jr.

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This is a historic time for our state's transportation system during the COVID 19 pandemic because it's how vital goods and services are delivered. This wouldn't be possible without the 12,000 women and men at TxDOT who are dedicated to "Connecting You With Texas" in rural, urban and metro areas of our great state. Together, we are committed to executing every day – because that's what the Texas taxpayers who voted overwhelmingly to fund new roads in Texas expect and deserve.

Texas Transportation Commission Chairman J. Bruce Bugg, Jr.

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Additional Resources

Project Tracker

The gateway to information about more than 11,000 TxDOT projects, providing 24/7 access to the public.

Texas Clear Lanes

Dedicated to informing businesses, governments, drivers and travelers in Texas about TxDOT's efforts to address traffic congestion.

TxDOT Performance Dashboard

TxDOT's performance dashboard is an integral part of our planning process focused on performance measures that are most critical for current and future success.

TxDOT Innovation and Cost Efficiency

Submit an idea to help rethink, innovate and continually update how TxDOT does business.


My35 is a revolutionary and award-winning approach to transportation planning that puts Texas citizens in the driver's seat.

Machinist at work

635 East Project Groundbreaking

Texas Department of Transportation officials were joined by federal, state and local leaders in a groundbreaking celebration, done virtually, to commemorate the beginning of a five-year effort to rebuild and widen Interstate 635 (I-635) and rebuild the I-635/I-30 interchange in Dallas County. Texas Transportation Chairman J. Bruce Bugg Jr. shared his sentiments along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Garland Mayor Scott Lemay, Mesquite Mayor Bruce Archer, and a host of other state, county and local officials.


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