TxDOT Progress Report
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Texas is Booming
largest economy worldwide
of 13 most populous cities in the U.S.
average added to Texas population daily
people added, 2010-2020
residents in 2022, 40+ million in 2050

Texas has bragging rights. With that comes an increasing demand for safety, delivery, innovation, and trust.

Connecting You With Texas

TxDOT has 25 districts working hard to connect Texans safely. Rural: 10.3% of population. Urban: 21.9% of population. Metropolitan: 67.8% of population.

Texas Roadways

  • 197,000 lane miles
  • 55,000+ bridges
  • Connect 266,491 square miles of rural, metropolitan, and urban communities
  • 87% of Texans live along and east of I-35, “Main Street, Texas”

Texas Trust and Stewardship (Propositions 1 and 7)

  • 80%-plus voter approval in 2014-15
  • Paved the way for a funding infusion to build vital, non-tolled transportation projects
  • Funds 40% of the historic $85 billion 2023 Unified Transportation Program (UTP) - TxDOT’s 10-year plan for construction projects
  • Critical to maintain and improve the Texas transportation system and meet demand while addressing inflation

Consumer Price Index increased 8.6%, while Highway Cost Index increased 27.6% (Sept. 2021 – Oct. 2022)

Historic Investing in Texas


Historic 10-Year Plan
Historic $85 billion UTP investment plus $32 billion for maintenance and project development for 7,000+ projects


Historic Now Under Construction
For roadway construction and maintenance projects


Historic Construction and Maintenance Awards Local Contracting and Related Expenditures
For 2,358 contracts Since 2015, 16,516 contracts valued at $66.8 billion

Shows an eight year trend: 2015 = $6.6 billion; 2016 = $7.8 billion; 2017 = $6.7 billion; 2018 = $6.6 billion; 2019 = $9.4 billion; 2020 = $8.2 billion; 2021 = $8.8 billion; 2022 = $11.4 billion

“Turning More Dirt”

Construction awards have reached record levels. Planning for the future:

  • Historic levels of funding for the next decade dedicated to planning and development across rural, urban, and metro TxDOT districts
  • Annual funding in the UTP equals $15.5 billion per year in economic benefits (Source: Texas A&M Transportation Institute)

Congestion Relief

Texas Clear Lanes

  • $61.3 billion in non-tolled projects in metro districts (2015-2022)
  • 13 Texas Clear Lanes projects completed
  • 27 under construction
  • 58 planned

Rural Texas

  • 10% of the population
  • 47% of the state's land mass
  • 2023 UTP features a historic $14 billion for rural areas, a 600% growth of transportation funding for rural Texas since 2015
  • 148 projects ($6.2 billion) under construction
  • 267 rural connectivity projects completed (2015-2022)

Energy Sector

  • 2.5 billion in 10 years UTP
  • $600 million priority, one-time funding surge committed by Texas Transportation Commission for transportation needs in the Permian Basin


TxDOT’s Road to Zero goal means zero fatalities on Texas roads by 2050. How we get there:

  • $2 billion for 3,900 data-driven projects (2015-2022) to engineer safety on Texas roads
  • New TxDOT/Metropolitan Organization Safety Task Force to create strategies and plans
  • The TxDOT Traffic Safety Data Portal on TxDOT.gov to provide vital traffic safety data
  • 5,000+ employees available to deploy when severe weather and disasters strike
  • 250+ offices in communities statewide

Multimodal Connectivity

Investments that move people and goods:

  • $140 million for projects in 16 public ports
  • $577.6 million in grants for 300 general aviation airports (2015-2022)
  • $11.5 million for repairs and improvements at highway rail crossings
  • $1.5+ billion for rural and small urban transit systems (2015-2022)
  • 1.95 billion public transit trips in rural and urban areas (2015-2022)


  • 230+ public and private partnerships to develop automated and connected vehicle systems in Texas
  • 50+ connected and automated vehicle tests and deployments since 2018
  • Urban Air Mobility Advisory Committee developing new aerial systems to move people and goods

Texas needs a transportation system that can support its growth and diversity. “Connecting You With Texas” means making the best use of taxpayer dollars to build and maintain a system that connects Texans safely and efficiently to family, jobs, travel, and economic opportunities. Executing on our promise to deliver crucial projects would not be possible without the 12,600+ people of TxDOT working with our public and private sector partners.

Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott

Texas Transportation Commission

J. Bruce Bugg, Jr. Chairman

J. Bruce Bugg, Jr.

Alvin New Commissioner

W. Alvin New

Robert C. Vaughn Commissioner

Robert C. Vaughn

Alejandro “Alex” G. Meade III

Alejandro "Alex" G. Meade III

Steven D. Alvis

Steven D. Alvis

Marc D. Williams

Marc Williams
TxDOT Executive Director

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