Initiative Overview
What is TxDOTConnect?

TxDOTConnect is TxDOT's new, web-based, custom-built technology system for automating the delivery of transportation programs, projects and right of way.

How will TxDOTConnect help TxDOT?

TxDOTConnect will standardize TxDOT business processes while providing transparency in performance measurement and serving as a one-stop shop for project information and tasks. TxDOTConnect will help us work more efficiently and enable us to keep pace with expectations of taxpayers and the traveling public.

How was TxDOTCONNECT Developed?

The Transportation Programs Division (TPD) is overseeing the development of the TxDOTCONNECT system in collaboration with the Information Management Division. TxDOT’s Modernize Portfolio and Project Management (MPPM) team, located within TPD, is responsible for developing TxDOTCONNECT.

MPPM collaborates with TxDOT leaders, internal subject matter experts and a dedicated Champion network of over 350 TxDOT employees who provide information key to TxDOTCONNECT’s development since the beginning of the initiative.

How is TxDOTConnect being implemented?

TxDOTCONNECT will be delivered in six releases over the next few years. A multi-release approach allows TxDOT to continue doing business with minimal disruption. The first release of TxDOTCONNECT was deployed early in 2019.

When will external partners have access to TxDOTConnect?

Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have access to TxDOTCONNECT beginning with the first release in 2019. Other external partners will be able to use the system in 2020.

Will TxDOT offer training on TXDOTConnect to external partners?

TxDOT provides training to external partners via online, on-demand computer-based training modules, training videos, and job aids – accessible on the Access and Training section of this page.

More training will be provided in the future, as TxDOT continues to make the system available to other external partners.

Additional TxDOTCONNECT Information