2019-2023 Strategic Plan
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On May 28, 2020, the Texas Transportation Commission adopted the TxDOT 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, which presents the agency's mission, values, vision, goals, action plan and budgetary structure that will guide the department over the next five years.

The plan also includes a list of identified redundancies and impediments, the Historically Underutilized Business Plan, the draft Statewide Capital Plan, the Workforce Development Plan, a summary of the most recent Survey of Employee Engagement and the Report on Customer Service.

Report on Customer Service

Schedule H of the TxDOT 2021-2025 Strategic Plan contains the Report on Customer Service. As a part of the biennial strategic planning process, TxDOT contracted the Institute for Organizational Excellence, part of the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin, to engage, gather the opinions and measure the perspectives of TxDOT customers through a customer service survey.

TxDOT provided the Institute for Organizational Excellence staff with a list of external customers. There were approximately 46,800 customers in the total population to survey. The Institute for Organizational Excellence team stratified and randomized the customer list to produce a representative sample of TxDOT external customers. The team conducted the survey on March 10, 2020, through March 24, 2020. The survey asked TxDOT customers to rate their satisfaction with various services from the agency, including the facilities, staff interaction, communication, TxDOT’s website, the formal complaint handling process, timeliness of service and printed information, and overall satisfaction with TxDOT and the Texas highway system.

The survey team sent more than 19,000 emails to TxDOT customers inviting them to participate in the survey. The team received 2,014 completed surveys, for a total response rate of 10.6%. Separately, the Institute for Organizational Excellence team, in partnership with the Texas Travel Information Center staff, also surveyed more than 1,600 motorists who stopped at TxDOT’s 12 Travel Information Centers to ask them about their current road trip in the State of Texas and to rate their satisfaction with the Travel Information Center.

Survey respondents gave TxDOT an overall satisfaction score of 64.4%, a slight decline from the 65% satisfaction score in the 2018 survey. In addition, 62.4% rated their overall experience in using the state highway system as either excellent or good.

All surveyed groups were pleased with their interactions with TxDOT employees – the overall satisfaction rating with TxDOT staff is 76.4%. The lowest overall rating that TxDOT received was regarding how TxDOT handles complaints – with a 42.7% satisfaction rating. The lowest ratings in this category came from the customers who had previously submitted a complaint to TxDOT.

The key takeaway from this survey is that TxDOT's customers are very satisfied with the work performed by TxDOT employees. That said, TxDOT will take a closer look and determine a clear path forward on how TxDOT can improve its responses to and handling of complaints going forward.

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