Mission, vision, values, and goals
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Mission, vision, values, and goals


Connecting you with Texas.


A forward-thinking leader delivering mobility, enabling economic opportunity, and enhancing quality of life for all Texans.


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People are the Department’s most important customer, asset, and resource. The well-being, safety, and quality of life for Texans and the traveling public are of the utmost concern to the Department. We focus on relationship building, customer service, and partnerships.

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We accept responsibility for our actions and promote open communication and transparency at all times.

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We strive to earn and maintain confidence through reliable and ethical decision-making.

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We conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity, respect, and truthfulness.

Goals and objectives

Deliver the right projects

 Implement effective planning and forecasting processes that deliver the right projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Use scenario-based forecasting, budgeting, and resource management practices to plan and program projects.
  • Align plans and programs with strategic goals.
  • Adhere to planned budgets and schedules.
  • Provide post-delivery project and program analysis.

Focus on the customer 

People are at the center of everything we do.

  • Be transparent, open, and forthright in agency communications.
  • Strengthen our key partnerships and relationships with a customer service focus.
  • Incorporate customer feedback and comments into agency practices, project development, and policies.
  • Emphasize customer service in all TxDOT operations.

Foster stewardship 

Ensure efficient use of state resources.

  • Use fiscal resources responsibly.
  • Protect our natural resources.
  • Operate efficiently and manage risk.

Optimize system performance 

Develop and operate an integrated transportation system that provides reliable and accessible mobility, and enables economic growth.

  • Mitigate congestion.
  • Enhance connectivity and mobility.
  • Improve the reliability of our transportation system.
  • Facilitate the movement of freight and international trade.
  • Foster economic competitiveness through infrastructure investments.

Preserve our assets 

Deliver preventive maintenance for TxDOT’s system and capital assets to protect our investments.

  • Maintain and preserve system infrastructure to achieve a state of good repair and avoid asset deterioration.
  • Procure, secure, and maintain equipment, technology, and buildings to achieve a state of good repair and prolong life cycle and utilization.

Promote safety 

Champion a culture of safety.

  • Reduce crashes and fatalities by continuously improving guidelines and innovations along with increased targeted awareness and education.
  • Reduce employee incidents.

Value our employees 

Respect and care for the well-being and development of our employees.

  • Emphasize internal communications.
  • Support and facilitate the development of a successful and skilled workforce through recruitment, training and mentoring programs, succession planning, trust, and empowerment.
  • Encourage a healthy work environment through wellness programs and work-life balance.