HB 2223 – Study on Motor Vehicle Impacts on Road and Bridges of Texas
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HB 2223 – Study on Motor Vehicle Impacts on Road and Bridges of Texas


House Bill 2223 of the 87th Texas Legislature (2021) required Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), in consultation with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) and the University of Texas Center for Transportation Research (CTR), to conduct a study on the impact of certain classifications of motor vehicles on the roads and bridges of Texas.

A critical component of the study is ensuring that transportation and industry stakeholders perspectives are considered in the study approach and the data used to complete the study.

This study will also review and summarize previous work efforts that have contributed to the experience and understanding of the impacts of all vehicles, including oversize/overweight vehicles, on Texas roadways and bridges.


The study will assess the impacts through a careful and considered analysis of the: 

  • Characteristics of traffic, including the number of vehicles, annual miles traveled, and routes used.
  • Design, use, and performance of Texas roads and bridges.
  • Estimated total transportation revenue contributed by passenger, commercial, and oversized and overweight vehicles.
  • Statewide congestion and costs imposed by passenger and commercial vehicles.
  • Estimated economic contribution and role of the trucking industry in support of major industries in the state.

Stakeholder Engagement

A study of this scope requires the identification and engagement of public and private sector stakeholders to obtain input on the proposed approach and data used to assess the transportation, revenue, and economic impacts, and obtain input on the study outcome and developed scenarios. To achieve these objectives, TxDOT will develop and deliver two stakeholder workshops. The first workshop is designed to receive input from public and private stakeholders about the study approach and data sources. The materials presented at the workshop are available here. A second workshop will be held in the fall of 2022 after the analysis is complete and stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on the study results before the report is finalized.

Your Input is Critical

Please review the presentation below about how each facet of the analysis will be conducted and then provide your input with answers to a few questions related to the analysis. 

Date Location Information Agenda Presentation
March 9, 2022   HB 2223 Flyer  


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