Bentley CONNECT Edition data
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Bentley CONNECT Edition data

This page contains files for Bentley CONNECT Edition Applications. View the associated README file before downloading a file package.

Note: Files are updated periodically. Check this page often to make sure you have the latest version.

Workspace files Bentley CONNECT Edition compatibility

  • OpenRoads Designer (
  • ProjectWise Explorer (
  • MicroStation CE (
  • OpenBridge Designer (
  • OpenBridge Modeler (


Title Updated Description README Files
Project configuration files and workspace February 16, 2024 Complete workspace README Word Document TxDOT Workspace February 2024 ZIP

Additional information

The new TxDOT 10.12 workspace is now available and is compatible with the software versions shown above.  All TxDOT PMs have been encouraged to adopt the new workspace as soon as possible. 

  • All new projects moving forward will be required to use the TxDOT 10.12 workspace.
  • All existing projects using the 10.10 workspace can be migrated to the 10.12 workspace.

Moving to the Bentley CONNECT 10.12 applications and the TxDOT 10.12 workspace will allow your project to take advantage of the 100+ enhancements and 300+ resolved issues that are included in this release. 

Software enhancements include improvements to geometry, terrain, modeling, drawing production, annotation, item types, drainage, and utilities.  

For additional information on software enhancements visit the Bentley documentation site: 

Workspace enhancements include several improvements, a few of which are highlighted below:

  • Drainage
    • Automated Labeling using text favorites and Civil Labeler
    • Item Types can be used to add other Drainage properties
    • Text Favorites point to element properties and not database properties, dramatically increasing labeling speed
    • Multiple catchment connections to the same inlet (i.e., existing areas and proposed areas can be compared)
    • Land use areas can be clipped to match drainage areas and Weight Averaged (Composite) C-values are automatically calculated
    • Multiple HGLs can be shown on a profile
    • HGL and EGL now have different symbology
    • Lateral Pipes are now drawn on a projected profile
    • Added ability to set longitudinal slope for an inlet
    • Added additional cells for SETs
  • Bridge
    • Item Types
    • Bridge Detailing menu
  • Roadway
    • Civil Labeler updates

Digital Delivery Section Director's message

This is an exciting step toward enhancing TxDOT’s operational efficiency. Additional testing is currently underway to determine how to strategically and promptly move all agency projects to a single version of ORD. This strategic move is essential to meet the prerequisites for the full implementation of Digital Delivery, ensuring a seamless and advanced technological transition for TxDOT. Additional communication will be coming soon, but until then, enjoy the new software and workspace enhancements!

For any questions, please email or

Thank you,
Jacob Tambunga, P.E.
Director, Digital Delivery