Building-Related Projects - Facilities Letting

The Facilities Planning and Management Section of the Support Services Division oversees the planning, design and contract management of capital improvement building projects as well as preventive maintenance and repairs for each TxDOT facility. The section also assists the Travel Information Division and district facility operations with projects not included in the capital program.

The FY 2020-2021 Facilities Master Plan represents capital improvement projects only and is subject to change.

Pre-qualification of contractors on facility contracts is waived; however, the Uniform General Conditions included in each proposal document outlines specific requirements for contract award. Furthermore, for all contract estimates greater than or equal to $100,000, the use of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) is mandated and a HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) is required.

All information for current and next month building-related contracts can be found in the tables below. Select each ZIP icon for documents related to each project.

Upcoming Projects

Let Date District Project ID Description Estimated Cost Documents
09/02/2020 Corpus Christi 161859-21-01 Security Upgrade - Rockport $50,000 161859-21-01 ZIP
09/01/2020 Odessa 06-470420005 Salt Sheds - Districtwide $1,000,000 06-470420005 ZIP
09/01/2020 Lufkin 11-470420028 Generator Upgrade - District HQ $362,800 11-470420028 ZIP

Current Projects

Let Date District Project ID Description Estimated Cost Documents
08/19/2020 Odessa 061851-20-02 Overhead Doors - District HQ $85,000 061851-20-02 ZIP
08/19/2020 Atlanta 19-470420031-rebid Renovation - Texarkana $263,735 19-470420031-rebid ZIP
08/19/2020 Childress 251851-20-02 Roof Replacement - Wellington $80,000 251851-20-02 ZIP
08/05/2020 Bryan 17-470420100 Fuel Station - Buffalo $150,000 17-470420100 ZIP
08/04/2020 Corpus Christi 16-470420026 Renovation - District HQ - CANCELLED $375,000 16-470420026 ZIP

Past Projects

Let Date District Project ID Description Estimated Cost Documents
07/15/2020 Yoakum 131859-20-01 HVAC Replacement - Gonzales $98,000 131859-20-01 ZIP
07/07/2020 San Antonio 15-470420057 Security Upgrade - Districtwide $1,100,000 141851-20-07 ZIP
07/01/2020 Lubbock 051851-20-01-rebid Electrical Panel Upgrade - District HQ $45,000 151859-20-02 ZIP
07/01/2020 Lubbock 051859-20-01-rebid Awning Installation - Lubbock $33,000 161859-20-02 ZIP


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