Emergency Relief Program
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ATTENTION TXDOT CUSTOMERS: Some TxDOT applications and equipment have been impacted by the worldwide CrowdStrike outage. State agencies across Texas are working closely with the Department of Information resources to restore services as quickly as possible. If you are unable to access specific TxDOT information or tools, please check back with us in a few hours. We will update this message once applications and equipment are fully restored.

Emergency Relief Program

State and local government agencies may have the opportunity to seek federal funding to restore public facilities severely damaged in a declared disaster. TxDOT’s role in supporting each federal agency’s emergency relief program is noted below.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

FHWA offers an emergency relief program for the repair or reconstruction of federal-aid highways and roads which have suffered serious damage as a result of natural disasters or catastrophic failures from an external cause. TxDOT administers the program for Texas. Learn more.

Use TxDOT’s Statewide Planning Map to determine if a roadway is eligible.

  1. Access the map.
  2. Click “I Accept.”
  3. Click “Functional Classification & Urban Areas” located in the left navigation under "Overlays."
  4. Click “Legend” in the top-left navigation. Eligible roadways are interstate, principal arterial, other principal arterial, minor arterial and major collector.

Review the following videos for a basic overview of the emergency relief process.

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)

For each event, FEMA application procedures for state and local governments are explained at a series of federal/state applicant briefings in the affected area by recovery officials. FEMA directly administrates its emergency relief program. TxDOT coordinates with FEMA but does not administer the program. Learn more.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

FTA’s emergency relief program provides assistance to public transit operators in the aftermath of an emergency or major disaster when funds are appropriated by Congress. When FTA emergency relief funding is available for specific disasters, TxDOT will contact eligible public transportation agencies with instructions for grant applications. Learn More.

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