Austin District standards and guidance
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Austin District standards and guidance

The following Austin District Standard Sheets are provided in the following formats: MicroStation V8i design file (DGN) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

Date DGN Description PDF
05/22 DWMB-22 (AUS) Driveways and Mailbox Turnouts DWMB-22 (AUS)
05/22 FLEXPAVE-22 (AUS) Flexible Pavement Details FLEXPAVE-22 (AUS)
09/20 MCPSWMD-19 (AUS) Miscellaneous Curb, Path, Sidewalk and Median Details MCPSWMD-19 (AUS)
09/20 PRWPD-20 (AUS) Prep R.O.W. Pruning Detail PRWPD-20 (AUS)
09/20 PSN-19 (AUS) Painting Structure Numbers PSN-19 (AUS)
09/20 TCEQ-CZ-19 (AUS) TCEQ Requirements for the Contributing Zone of the Edwards Aquifer TCEQ-CZ-19 (AUS)
09/20 TCEQ-RZ-19 (AUS) TCEQ Requirements for the Recharge Zone of the Edwards Aquifer TCEQ-RZ-19 (AUS)
09/20 TPD-19 (AUS) Tree Protection Details TPD-19 (AUS)
09/20 VMD-18 (AUS) Void Mitigation Notes VMD-18 (AUS)

The following documents contain the recommended guidelines, procedures and criteria for developing PS&E projects within the Austin District.