Historic bridge owners
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Historic bridge owners

Information for historic bridge owners

Texas’ historic bridges have special recognition and are treated differently than other bridges when planning projects using federal or state funds. The number of historic bridges on our roadways is less every year due to old age and deterioration. TxDOT bridge engineers and historians developed a number of tools below to assist owners of the state’s historic bridges.

Metal truss bridge planning process

TxDOT is undergoing a multi-year planning process for metal truss bridges in the state, which integrates:

  • Public engagement opportunities.
  • Bridge management planning effort to develop and demonstrate effective strategies to retain historic bridges as viable assets open to vehicular traffic or repurposed for new uses.

Challenges for historic bridges include new demands driven by evolving economic development needs, changing population in rural areas, and demands on public funding. TxDOT strives to involve many points of view in efforts to assess and plan for a historic bridge’s potential use. To accomplish this, TxDOT plans to develop a management and maintenance plan for the approximately thirty truss bridges under its ownership.

Learn about TxDOT’s process and future plans for metal truss bridges in our newsletters:

Metal truss toolkits for bridge owners

These toolkits give TxDOT’s best practices for maintaining and repairing truss bridges in vehicular service. Use the appropriate guide when certain events happen at a bridge. Each toolkit is illustrated and is no longer than 2 pages. Also included is a visual glossary of truss bridge terminology.

More information

Additional information including historic bridge specifications and project planning tools can be found here: