Snowplow safety
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Snowplow safety

During winter storms, our snowplows work around the clock to make roads passable. Observe these tips to stay safe while giving snowplow operators room to do their jobs.

  • Keep well back from snowplows
    Plow drivers can't see directly behind their trucks. Sometimes they must stop or back up. Staying a safe distance of at least 200 feet behind a snowplow will protect you from possible injury and protect your car from sanding material that plows spread on slick roadways.
  • Know where the snowplow is on multi-lane highways
    The plow could be in either lane or on the shoulder. Watch for snowplows on interstate ramps and "authorized vehicle only" turnarounds.
  • Never drive through a snow cloud or whiteout conditions
    You can't be sure if such conditions are caused by crosswinds or by a snowplow, so be patient. TxDOT snowplow operators periodically pull over to allow traffic to pass.

Don't Crowd the Plow

TxDOT snowplow operators are extremely safety-conscious, but they need your help. Stay back and let them safely do their job of clearing the road for you. Don't take a chance. Don't crowd the plow!

Check out our "Don't Crowd the Plow" television and radio public service announcements.