I-10 from FM 1905 (Antonio Street) to SH 20 (Mesa Street)
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I-10 from FM 1905 (Antonio Street) to SH 20 (Mesa Street)

Project purpose

Interstate Highway 10 (IH 10) is one of the most important arteries in the region in terms of mobility and movement of freight and international trade. TxDOT proposes to upgrade the roadway to mitigate congestion by improving operations and adding capacity. It will improve operation, circulation and safety.

Project limits

The project corridor is located in the western limits of El Paso County, Texas and abuts the New Mexico/Texas state line on its northern limit. The project limits are from 0.22 miles west of FM 1905 (Antonio Sreet) to SH 20 (Mesa Street), a distance of approximately 11.2 miles.

Proposed improvements

The proposed project entails the reconstruction and widening of the existing roadway to improve capacity, operation, circulation, and safety on IH 10. The project is proposed to reconstruct, upgrade and widen IH 10 from a 4‐lane divided roadway to a 6‐lane divided roadway. The frontage roads between State Loop 375 and Mesa Street are proposed to be reconstructed in place to urban criteria. The existing right‐of‐way (ROW) for this project is between 400 and 450 feet and comprises 862.2 acres. All proposed construction would occur within the existing ROW except for minor ROW takings for shared use path improvements (0.12 acre) and for permanent drainage easements requirements needed for culvert extensions (0.018 acre).

From FM 1905 to SH 20, IH 10 would consist of three 12‐foot wide through lanes in each direction and 10‐foot wide inside and outside shoulders in each direction. Entrance/Exit ramps would be reconfigured to X‐pattern ramps throughout the limits of the project. Auxiliary lanes would be implemented between ramps for additional safety and operational improvements. The IH 10 profile will be adjusted at existing overpass intersections in order to comply with TxDOT’s vertical criteria for Freight Corridors. A new east/west underpass at Los Mochis Drive between Westway Boulevard and Loop 375 is proposed for access between east/west frontage roads from Loop 375 to Mesa Street. The existing 28‐foot wide frontage road would be reconstructed to urbanized conditions to include a two 12‐foot lanes with 2‐ft offset from face of curb and gutter. Within the same limit of the urbanized frontage roads, the project would also implement a 12‐foot wide shared use path on the outside of the roadbeds and upgrade the existing drainage systems in order to account for revisions to existing flow patterns as a result of the curb and gutter. Intersection improvements consisting of additional turn lanes would be implemented throughout the limits of the project. The existing Thorn Road overpass would be reconstructed to meet new minimal vertical clearance criteria as well as update superstructure design. The existing signalized intersections at Thorn Road would be reconstructed to tear drop roundabouts and by‐pass lanes would be implemented in order to supplement capacity thru the Thorn Road intersection.

Public involvement

TxDOT is coordinating with affected property owners and key stakeholders to understand corridor needs and will proceed based on input from the communities. The public involvement process is part of ongoing environmental studies, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).